While performance is assured with the Intel® Core™ i3-5010U driving the device, the U-series chip comes with greater power-savings and cost-efficiency. This enhanced processing power is used to power the device’s many IOs, most prominent of which includes four COM ports for facilitating instant deployment for users in the Industrial Automation field. Compared with the device’s predecessor, the AEC-6638, the new carnation additionally features a smaller dimension measuring at 197 x 174 x 55 mm, a 30% reduction. Its operating temperature and electrical support ranges are also extended to -20 ~ 60°C and 9 ~ 24V, respectively. Supporting these enhanced operational parameters is the device’s construction and features, which are designed with convenience in mind. Users wishing to access the device’s interior can do so effortlessly by removing screws at the base of the device, with no specialized methods or tools required. For their superior performance and attractive pricing, the 5th generation chips are most ideal to upgrade from our former embedded BOX PC models. With great performance and reduced energy requirements brought on by the new chips, as well as a more compact design and convenient selection of features, the BOXER-6638U is not to be missed if you want more bang for your buck.


CPU performance




Temperature range
-20°C ~ 60°C


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