Easybuilder Pro HMI Software

EasyBuilder Pro from Weintek is the latest in HMI software. It is extremely easy to use, fast and complete. With EasyBuilder Pro you can quickly and easily produce beautiful and complete HMI solutions. It has a Windows-like appearance, for example, toolbars, dialog boxes, menus and "drag and drop" objects. Easy Builder Pro supports multi-function objects with dynamic use such as graphics, buttons , history, alarms and so on. Large library with many built-in types of graphics and animations, and support for multiple image formats including BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG. It also has data logging for the full track on historical trend data, and a simple and understandable debug mode. EasyBuilder Pro has more than 350 different drivers against all common PLC´s and other controllers. Advanced security support with user levels and passwords as well as remote control and monitoring via VNC or Easy access. Macro for advanced programming features, recipes or log features. Schedule Management also enables reporting or process at a certain time, after the set time interval or after a triggered event. EasyBuilder Pro also supports multiple languages and has the ability to do both offline and online simulation. Easybuilder Pro is included for free in all HMIs from Weintek, and a download link you will find in the "Specification" tab below.



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