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  • I570EAC-201-1

    Intel Atom N270

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  • Leach 9124

    50A / 3-Polig

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  • Military grade panel PC

    Intel® Atom D2550 1.86GHz Processor

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  • EPM-110

    2-channel next generation SSPC

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Sensor Control Nordic AB - Nro 1 Defence-alalla

Tunnuslauseellamme viestitämme asiakkaillemme ja tavarantoimittajillemme, että haluamme olla yksinkertaisesti alamme paras.

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The Klixon M2 thermostat is your ideal choice when reliable, narrow differential switching is a must


With the compact size of Ø 17 x 8 mm and utilizes a snap-acting bimetallic disc housed in a low-profile hermetic and Nitrogen filled package. The M2 provides tight control of temperature with differentials starts from 1,1 °C to 2,2 °C and in models with temperature from -17,8 °C to 115,6 °C.

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Petercem G3 Hermetically sealed precise microswitches

Microswitches for harsh environment: humidity, corrosion, shocks and vibrations, operating temperature -55 °C ... +150 °C.

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