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  • I570EAC-201-1

    Intel Atom N270

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  • Leach 9124

    50A / 3-Polig

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  • Military grade panel PC

    Intel® Atom D2550 1.86GHz Processor

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  • EPM-110

    2-channel next generation SSPC

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Sensor Control Nordic AB - Nro 1 Defence-alalla

Tunnuslauseellamme viestitämme asiakkaillemme ja tavarantoimittajillemme, että haluamme olla yksinkertaisesti alamme paras.

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Compact 3-phase circuit breaker


Miniature 3-phase low weight circuit breaker, from 88 grams. If one phase has been overloaded all three will interrupt simultaneously and not possible to reset until the power output is secure again (Trip-free).

The Klixon 9TC series from Sensata is temperature compensated and therefore adapts to the ambient temperature.

With high vibration-, shock resistance and AS58091 / MS14153 qualified.

Typical applications are to protect cabling and electrical equipment in both civil and military flights.

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Do you develop electrical vehicles or similar high current demanding mobile equipment?

Please take a closer look at the all-new GV350 series, a very compact contactor with low weight for systems up to 1000 V dc / 500 A.

Gigavac supplies these to manufacturers of electric cars and to heavy equipment vehicles. Or do you instead need this reliable contactor to, for example, break the circuit to your vehicle with combustion engine, then this hermetically sealed and compact GV350 fits just as well too.

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