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  • eWON Flexy

    Industrial VPN-router with gateway- or routerfunction

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  • Netbiter EC350

    Provides instant connectivity to your remote equipment

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  • Multi-touch

    Also available in 15" and 21.5"

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  • Gigavac DC-Contactor HX460

    Designed to meet UL1604 for hazardous locations.

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  • Slio CPU 017 Profinet

    SLIO CPU 017 is a very powerful Profinet CPU from VIPA.

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Sensor Control Nordic AB - Nro 1 Automation-alalla

Tunnuslauseellamme viestitämme asiakkaillemme ja tavarantoimittajillemme, että haluamme olla yksinkertaisesti alamme paras.

• Paras tuotevalikoima Automation-alalla

• Markkinoiden paras asiakaspalvelu

• Paras hinta–laatu-suhde

• Paras logistiikkavarmuus


Weintek HMI for external display!


cMT-FHD is an HMI panel without display, instead it has HDMI output with full HD support. This means that you can choose a display without any restrictions. It is also very easy to mount on your DINrail and takes up little space in the electrical cabinet.

Add a cMT-FHD to a touchscreen and you have a perfect SCADA solution!

Including unlimited tags, drivers for more than 350 PLCs, database connectivity, alarms, trend and historical logging etc.

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We belive in change!

After 18 years as a market leader in industrial remote access, it is time for an update of the eWON brand. This means a new graphic profile for the entire range of solutions for remote access and data collection. The eWON logo is a guarantee of quality and this heritage now lives on with a new logotype both in the marketing and on the products.

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