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Through Hollow Incremental Encoders

POSITAL FRABA’s through hollow encoders are available for shaft diameters ranging 9.5 mm to 44.5 mm). The smaller units (up to 14 mm shaft opening) have an external diameter of 58 mm, while the larger units have external diameters of 77 or 100 mm. Available resolutions for these devices extend from 360 PPR to 4096 PPR (pulses per revolution).

All through-hollow encoders have rugged aluminum housings and environmental protection rated at IP65, ensuring longevity and high levels of operational safety. All variants are available with a variety of communications interfaces , including RS422 (TTL) 5V or 11-30V and Push-Pull (HTL, 5-30V). Connection options include built-in cables or MIL-type connectors.