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eWON Flexy is an extremely flexible and easily configured VPN router series for fully secure connection, regardless of where the machine is located. They have alarm management, data logging and web server functionalities built-in.

The eWON Flexy consist of a base module and one or more expansion cards, depending on the type of connection needed.

The Flexy 100 series are base modules with gateway functionality for data collection, i.e. you can´t open a VPN tunnel to the PLC or computer on the network behind.

The Flexy 200 series are base modules with router functionality, providing the opportunity to pass-through and program the PLC or computer on the LAN side.

eWON Flexy supports UPC UA.

Select the base module and the expansion cards you need here:

Base modules
Gateways for data collection through Flexy I/O server
  • FLEXY101 - Ba Module Flexy 101 gateway. 4x Ethernet port LAN switch.
  • FLEXY102 - Base Module Flexy 102 gateway. 1x LAN Ethernet port, 1 D-SUB 9 pin serial port RS232/422/485.
  • FLEXY103 - Base Module Flexy 103 gateway. 1x LAN Ethernet port, 1 D-SUB 9 pins isolated MPi/Profibus port.

Routers for pass-through communication or for data collection via Flexy I/O servers

  • FLEXY201 - Base Module 201 router. 4x Ethernet ports LAN switch.
  • FLEXY202 - Base Module Flexy 202 router. 1x LAN Ethernet port, 1 9 pin D-Sub serial port RS232 / 422/485.
  • FLEXY203 - Base Module Flexy 203 router. 1x LAN Ethernet port, 1 9 pin D-SUB, isolated MPi / Profibus port.

Expansion cards
  • FLA3301 - Expansion card Flexy - Dual serial ports. Dual RS232/485/422 ports for remote control or data collection via Flexys embedded I/O servers.
  • FLA3501 - Expansion card Flexy - PSTN. Industrial PSTN modem according to the standard V92 (56,000 bps) for fixed telephone lines.
  • FLB3202 - Expansion card Flexy - 3G + HSUPA. Pentaband modem cards for 2G, 3G or 3G+ mobile network with up to 7.3 Mb/s download and 2Mb/s upload.
  • FLB3271 - Expansion card Flexy - WiFi. 802.11 b, g, n WiFi card for wireless WLAN connection.
  • FLB3502 - Expansion card Flexy - ADSL. Industrial ADSL 2/2 + VPN router cards for remote access over ADSL.
  • FLB3601 -  Expansion card Flexy – 3 USB ports for programming PLCs or access to external storage.
  • FLX3101 - Expansion card Flexy - Ethernet WAN. 1x 10/100 WAN Ethernet port. WAN card for permanent connection to the internet.
  • FLX3402 - Expansion card Flexy - I/Os. Data acquisition board with 8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs and 2 digital relay outputs.