Partners within the product area control systems

Sensor Control Nordic AB is working together with several different partners within the product area control systems.

Vipa Gmbh from Nürnberg in Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of PLC systems, operator panels and fieldbus I/O´s.

Bihl+Wiedemann is a German manufacturer specialized in ASI products like ASI gateways, ASI i/O´s and ASI diagnostic tools.

eWON is a Belgium manufacturer and over the last 10 years, eWON has become a worldwide market leader for intelligent Internet remote access routers for PLCs and automation systems.

Hilscher manufactures PC interface cards like ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, for the most common fieldbuses. 
Weintek manufactures HMI for PLC systems. With Weinteks software you will easily connect to any PLC and create your own interface.

Progea’s vast experience and know-how provides the best Scada/HMI software technologies for every civil and industrial automation necessity.  Progea’s software products are entirely based on open standards and are very powerful and straight forward to use.