Smart och Cloud panels

cloudPanels and smartPanels are developed to meet the current and future needs of HMI!

The panel series: cloudPanel and smartPanel have a modern design, and many nice features and very good performance. Both series have high resolution widescreen displays and are available in: 4.3", 7" and 10 ".

CloudPanels are optimized for web applications and therefore perfect for Speed 7 WebVisu projects.

Because the WebVisu editor is integrated into VIPA's Speed7 Studio software, HMI visualization in the cloudPanel is super-simple, the Webvisu application runs on the PLC and is read by cloudPanel via a web-browser.
This HMI solution is very cost-effective, especially for smaller applications and of course you can use any web server with a cloudPanel.

SmartPanels are optimally designed for small and medium-sized applications. They live up to their name with many smart features and multiple ports. The HMI software "Movicon 11 standard” is included with virtually unlimited features in terms of tags, screens, recipes, alarms etc.

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Overview VIPA HMI (PDF)