Industrial VPN routers

eWONs industrial routers combine modem (GSM/GPRS/UMTS) and an intelligent IP router for remote control of both serial and Ethernet-based PLC protocols with advanced alarm management. Remote monitoring and control means fewer costly service visits at customer.

With a eWON router installed at your gear, you get full control wherever you are. If any values go outside the set parameters, you will get notified ny SMS, e-mail or via a FTP or SNMP file. Some models also have the option to save log data and can be sent automatically.

  • Secure VPN connection to PLC or PC over LAN or mobile network.
  • Many standard PLC protocols, both serial or Ethernet.
  • MPI and Profibus connection to PLC.
  • Ability to manage and log data.
  • Alarms via SMS or e-mail.
  • Easy configuration via web interface.
  • Space saving on the DIN rail and have good temperature spec.

eWON COSY Getting started - Step 1

eWON COSY Getting started - Step 2

eWON COSY Getting started - Step 3