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E-Medic AIO 724

The e-medic™ AIO 724 with its fanless and compact design is perfectly suited for applications in the medical field. The brilliant image quality enables a wide range of applications, some example of use are: desktop workstations, on cart solutions or in complex operating theatres. The robust panel system is extremely low-maintenance and has an antibacterial surface and IP65 glass front. Optionally, the 24 inch medical grade monitor can be equipped with a touch function. A hygienic system which combine computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The e-medic™ AIO is available as 22 inch and 24 inch monitor. Wipe disinfectable glass front The hygienic panel computer is optimally adapted to the needs of medical areas. Durable and robust materials such as the IP65 glass front enable wipe disinfection of the panel front and at the same time it offer protection against scratches. The use of antibacterial materials additionally supports clinics and doctors' practices in their daily hygiene routine and the prevention of the spread of germs and bacteria. e-medic™ AIO with Touch The e-medic™ AIO 724 can optionally be equipped with advanced touch technology. The capacitive multitouch screen allows simultaneous operation with up to 10 fingers and gloves. Fast response times and precise multi-touch navigation give the feeling of an input almost in real time. Fanless, slim design Long-term available components, which are also used in industrial areas, are used in the space-saving and slim housing. The design completely avoids moving parts such as fans. This allows longer maintenance intervals. A special cooling system also ensures stable temperatures and low power consumption. Electrical safety according to EN60601-1 The e-medic™ AIO complies with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of EN 60601-1-2. In addition, the power supply of this product has been tested by TÜV with regard to compliance with EN 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1.

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Clinics and physicians may combine active medical products for the purpose of self-production according to §12 MPG (German Act on Medical Devices). In many cases modern IT will have to be applied to achieve this. The Baaske Medical GmbH & Co.KG is specializes in products and solutions round about the topic of Medical Keyboards & Mice | Medical PCs | Medical Displays | Network isolators | Isolation transformer or medical grade power strips. Components and systems are tested for use in the patient environment by Baaske Medical. We provide the complete product portfolio of medical information technology in combination with electrical safety according to latest medical standards. Our aim is to service medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices, as well as to suppliers, retailers and manufacturers, who are engaged in medical information technology. The products of Baaske Medical are conducive for electrically secure information technology in patient environments.

You are looking for powerful medical PCs | Medical Displays | Network isolators | Isolation transformers or medical grade power strips? We deliver the right solution to your system.