Products within Automation

Within the business area Automation SCN promotes and distributes products to machine builders in industrial automation. We offer a wide and very competitive product range from specialized and market leading suppliers.

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Approximately 40% of our turnover consists of products and solutions that are customized. Many of customer adaptations will be an expansion of the existing standard range over time if it´s needed by a wider customer group.

SCN can in collaboration with our partners offer special adaptations of our products and product range, to make things more convenient for our customers.

Examples of customizations:
  • Installation of RAM, storage media, plug-in cards
  • Installation of operating systems and other software
  • ”Burn-in”, ”stress tests” and other tests of systems
  • BIOS settings
  • Program and parameter settings in e.g. PLCs, frequency inverters, servo backs
  • Co-packing and ”kitting” of several products into one unit
  • Pre-programming of sensors
  • Assembly of the connectors onto the cable to sensors and components
  • Labelling and packaging according to specific needs
  • Laser marking, special labeling
  • Mechanical adaptations
  • Customer unique harnessing

At SCN we are flexible, responsive and take on everything from prototype assignments to larger quantities of our customers’ needs.