LMB Fans & Motors

Is one of the leading suppliers of military & aerospace grade AC/DC fans, blowers, motors and specialized rotation machines. LMB designs and manufactures high performance/ high reliability electric fans, blowers and motors. LMB products are both AC (50/60 Hz, 400Hz and Wild Frequency) and DC (12 - 300 VDC) Brushless motors for the aerospace, defense and marine markets with applications in aircrafts, helicopters, pods, ground military vehicles, navy and railway.

LMB produces a wide range of MIL grade fans and motors (more than 1000 of the shelf qualified products). Their engineering and manufacturing departments give us an unparalleled ability for new development. For specific requirements, we are very flexible in designing custom products in short time spans and meeting Mil STD 810 / RTCA DO160 standards.