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    Products to machine builders in industrial automation

  • eWON Flexy

    Industrial VPN-router with gateway- or routerfunction

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  • Netbiter EC350

    Provides instant connectivity to your remote equipment

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  • Multi-touch

    Also available in 15" and 21.5"

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  • Gigavac DC-Contactor HX460

    Designed to meet UL1604 for hazardous locations.

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  • Slio CPU 017 Profinet

    SLIO CPU 017 is a very powerful Profinet CPU from VIPA.

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Sensor Control Nordic AB - No. 1 in Automation

The message we want to convey to both our customers and suppliers is simply that we want to be the best.

• Best portfolio of Automation

• Best price/performance ratio

• Best customer service on the market

• Best reliability of existing logistics

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POSITAL FRABAs new product catalogue

POSITAL FRABA has updated their product catalogue on 108 pages!
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15 Dec
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15 Dec
RT @SouriauSunbank: SOURIAU's safe and smart connectors for the medical market at a glance, in our new video. https://t.co/ul83MHqlJh https…

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