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  • Multi-touch

    Also available in 15" and 21.5"

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  • Gigavac DC-Contactor HX460

    Designed to meet UL1604 for hazardous locations.

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  • Slio CPU 017 Profinet

    SLIO CPU 017 is a very powerful Profinet CPU from VIPA.

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20 Jul
Introducing the IEI BIS-W19C-ULT4 Medical Panel PC 🔹Watch on YouTube:https://t.co/LMxArTv82x 🔹IEI Official Website:https://t.co/HFkquwYieW
20 Jul
Tutorial video: IP Camera 1. Quickly setup IP camera 2. Change RTSP URL on HMI 3. Capture image from IP camera and… https://t.co/s3MFLgDFXq
19 Jul
Looking for new opportunities? Apply for our IT Provider in our Slubice, Poland location! https://t.co/tXY5pfA2vC https://t.co/QBRnpWZNP1

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