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  • Multi-touch

    Also available in 15" and 21.5"

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  • Gigavac DC-Contactor HX460

    Designed to meet UL1604 for hazardous locations.

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  • Slio CPU 017 Profinet

    SLIO CPU 017 is a very powerful Profinet CPU from VIPA.

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Gigavac GV200 Series


You probably see them several times every day, the electric cars. In many of them, there are contactors from our US supplier Gigavac.

These contactors are both hermetically sealed and consume extremely little energy while in operation. The result of this will of course be both longer operating hours for long journeys and long service life and safe operation for the contactors.

When it's time to quick charge, Gigavac's contactors will help even in those charging stations.

Common in these applications are, for example, GV200 series from Gigavac and more information about these do you find here ...

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TKS P20-CV01

TKS-P20-CV01 from AAEON is a fanless mini box computer with Intel N2600 1.6GHz processor and up to 2GB of RAM.

This box-PC is compact and very affordable. It only weighs 800 grams and is ideal for data acquisition and control of electricity, in building automation and other demanding industrial environments.


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